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Pre-Marital Counseling

Perhaps you are thinking of getting engaged, or you may already have the engagement ring and want to make sure you set up your marriage for the most success. This is a very exciting and meaningful time in your life. You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the wedding, flowers, dresses, food etc.... but what about the investment in the marriage itself?   Pre-marriage counseling is designed to make sure you and your partner are both on the same page and have the necessary skills as you launch yourselves into this lifetime commitment.

We  begin Pre-Marital Counseling using the Gottman Assessment, (a separate fee of $39 is paid directly to the Gottman institute- and a link will be sent to both you and your partner to complete separately).

The Gottman Institute  is backed with 40 years of clinical research to determine what makes "masters of relationships" and what makes "disasters of relationships."  We will review your results and examine your relationship in both its strengths and challenges. 

Following the Gottman model, we will look at how strong is your friendship; how do you give, acknowledge and receive connection; and how do you manage conflict in your relationship. You will learn about the 4 demises of a relationship and how to prevent them from entering into your own.  We will learn communication skills that help you talk so your partner can listen, and listen so you can hear. We will look at your life goals and expectations in relation to children, finances, household roles and responsibilities, extended family, and any other factors that may impact your future marriage.

Research has shown that participating in pre-marital counseling can reduce the divorce rate by as much as 31%. 

Take the time to invest and set yourselves up for success in what will not just last a day, but a lifetime.

In person and Telehealth Appointments are available for Pre-marital  Counseling. If you choose Online Therapy, it is asked for both partners to be in the same room, using the same device. This is helpful for the skill building exercises we do. 

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