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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that gives you the power to negotiate and determine your outcome versus having the court determine one for you. Mediation allows for each party to express their wants, needs, and interests and allows for the other party to hear it in a non-confrontational way, facilitated by a trained mediator.  The mediator does not make a ruling or determine who is right or wrong, but rather facilitates the process to assist both parties in creating their own agreement.

                                                                  WHY CHOOSE MEDIATION?

  • Mediation is much LESS EXPENSIVE than going through the court system. You can choose to hire an attorney to assist you through the mediation process or you can choose to resolve the conflict without attorneys present. 

  • Mediation is much FASTER than going through the court system. The courts are backed up for months and can also incur further continuances. With mediation, you control the pace and frequency of mediation sessions, allowing you to come to a resolution quicker.

  • You CONTROL THE OUTCOME,- not a Judge. 

  • Mediation allows both parties involved in the conflict the opportunity to resolve the problem in a CONFIDENTIAL  setting. 

  • Mediation can be LESS STRESSFUL.

  • Mediation is NON-ADVERSARIAL allowing relationships to be maintained.


  • Family Disputes

  • Divorce Settlements

  • Parenting Plans

  • Post Divorce Decree

  • Eldercare

Carrie is a trained Mediator in Basic Mediation and in Divorce Mediation. She is also a trained Family Relations Specialist within the Collaborative Law. Additionally, Carrie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor,  which enhances her mediation skills as an active listener and facilitator, enabling both parties to communicate, hear, understand, and resolve conflict in an effective way.

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