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Family Relations Specialist
   Collaborative Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is never an easy one, and there are many factors to consider. You have many options on how you would like to dissolve your marriage.  


Going through a Collaborative Divorce offers you, your partner, and your family the ability to dissolve your marriage, assets, and family in a collaborative, respectful and mutually agreeable way. Making the choice to engage in a  Collaborative Divorce allows and empowers you and your partner to make your own choices and decisions about how you would like your assets, roles, and responsibilities divided under this new context.


As part of this process, you have a team working on your behalf; an attorney for each partner, and a Family Relations Specialist, (a Licensed Counselor, trained under the Collaborative Law), to assist you and your partner though the challenges and emotions that divorce can bring.


As a Family Relations Specialist, I will walk this journey with you, to provide support; to understand each other's needs, wants and perspectives;  and to encourage healthy compromise. I am able to highlight what is in the best interest for your children and for each of you. I will assist you both in creating the most ideal outcome for your family, in which you maintain the control, during this most stressful and emotional time.

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