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Blended Family Counseling

Blending A Family

Blended families have an additional dynamic in family therapy because two pre-existing families are combining into one. Each individual familiy comes with its own set of origins, values, routines, roles, and habits. Because of this, the divorce rate is much higher for marriages with blended families.  Taking the time to meaningfully and intentionally combine your families will increase your chances of success. 

We will work on the specific goals that are showing up for your blended family. Often this consists of gaining an understanding of each family member's perspective and feelings; recognizing the biases towards familial children; addressing the challenges of step parenting;  constructing the new family system, value system, and operating rules, roles, and traditions; learning how to manage co-parenting and shared parenting time; and sustaining a healthy marriage in the midst of the blended families struggles. 

Being married can be hard, and raising a family can be hard. Being married while combining two families can be very challenging. Together, we will learn the tools to navigate these conversations, identify our goals, and work towards a beautiful blend of your families. 

Blended Family Counseling is available for In Person or Online therapy to residents of Ohio. Certain dynamics may prevent online therapy as an option based on number of people and issues involved. Please reach out to find which platform is best suited for you. 

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