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Affair Repair

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Your marriage has been devastated by the impact of an affair.  The future is uncertain; you're unsure whether this marriage can be saved or not. There is often anger, resentment, and feelings of  betrayal towards the partner who had the affair, and trust seems as if it is impossible to restore. The discovery of an affair is considered a trauma because life as you once knew it is gone. Your marriage is in upheaval and your foundation has been rocked.

Utilizing a combination of Affair Recovery and The Gottman Institute of the Affair Repair Model, we will:

  • autopsy the marriage before the affair (often called "Marriage #1")     

  • work through the feelings surrounding the trauma

  • follow the steps of affair repair:  Atone, Attune, and Attach.

Research has shown that if both partners are committed to the recovery of the affair and are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work, then your post affair marriage (referred to as Marriage #2) can be more fulfilling, more authentic, and better than before. 

I recognize that this is a hard and difficult journey to work through.  Together, we will navigate through this "attachment injury" to repair your marriage to a degree you may not have known was possible. 

In person and Telehealth Appointments are available for Affair Repair Counseling. If you choose Online Therapy, it is requested for both partners to be in the same room, using the same device. This is helpful for the skill building exercises we do. 

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