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Co-Parenting Counseling 

Although you and your former spouse have made the decision that you can no longer be married,  you still have children together and must now learn how to transition into your new roles of "co-parents." You have a shared parenting agreement that dictates your parenting time and expenses, yet there can still be a lot of emotion surrounding this new dynamic in your family. 

Your children have had to make many adjustments to their divorced lifestyle: not being with both mom and dad all of the time, packing belongings to transition to the other parent's house (often times forgetting something), having to split holidays and vacations, living in new houses, and possibly being introduced to new people. 

It is our responsibility and role to be good co-parents to our children.


We will work together to navigate the strong emotions that divorce and co-parenting can bring. We will highlight the value of "what's in the best interest of the kids" and use that as our beacon. We will learn how to communicate so co-parents can listen and gain an understanding of each other's perspectives. We will learn how to manage conflict and address difficult topics such as house rules, boundaries, and introduction of new people.


Your co-parent will be in your life for the rest of your life. Let's learn how to be in this new role as amicably as possible--

for your own peace of mind, and  for your children. 

Co-Parenting Counseling is available for In Person or  Online Therapy to Ohio Residents

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