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Divorce Recovery

Divorce is considered a trauma; a devastation that can feel like it has turned your life upside down. It's as if a tornado has blown through your world and you are trying to piece it back together. There are many adjustments and transitions after a divorce: splitting and loss of assets, sometimes selling your home and finding a new place to live, adjusting to not being with your children all of the time, and parenting your children alone.  Additionally, there is the grief of losing your identity and experience as a wife/husband, a couple, and as an "intact family." 

Divorce Recovery is about learning how to transition into your new life and new roles. It involves grieving the marriage and family you once had, adjusting to your life as it is now, learning how to forgive, reflecting on your responsibility in the relationship and gaining knowledge from your experiences so that you can move past this trauma and devastation to a place of healing. 

I am honored  to walk this journey with you- as you move through this process of grief, loss, and rebuilding and enter into your new life.

Divorce Recovery is available for In-Person and Online Appointments

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