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Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is geared towards people who are wanting to work on and explore their own selves.


Sessions can focus on:

  • struggles in any kind of a relationship

  • feelings of overwhelm and stress with life

  • learning how to set boundaries

  • co-dependency tendencies

  • recovery from emotional or narcissistic abuse/manipulation

  • feelings of anxiety, which can show up as worry, irritability, short temper, and on-edge.

  • feelings of depression, which can show up as being withdrawn, lack of motivation and interests, feeling "blah", and sometimes even anger

  • Anything else you may be experiencing that you would like to address in individual counseling

Individual Counseling is for gaining an understanding of your self; your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors,  and your feelings of overwhelm or stress.


We will use a combination of the following therapies to gain insight and motivation to work towards the goals you would like to accomplish. 

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy- how our thoughts impact our feelings which impacts our behavior

  • Narrative Therapy- the stories we tell ourselves

  • Reality Therapy- determining what you want, and what you are willing to do

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy- identifying and understanding emotions, emotional regulation, and attachment in our relationships

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, having challenges in a relationship, or wanting to gain insight into your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behavior, please contact me to set up an individual counseling session.


How things are now, is not how they have to be going forward. Together, we can work towards your goals to improve your wellbeing. 

Individual Counseling is available for In Person or Online Therapy. 

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