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Making the decision to enter marriage counseling

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I understand that life is busy. It is very challenging to find the time to commit to marriage counseling; between work, taking care of the kids, running of the household, much less the money it takes, it is easy to become compliant that the marriage is "good enough." And yet, this is one of the most important relationships in your life. Which also makes it the easiest to take for granted.

Did you know that the average couple wait 6 years before entering counseling?

SIX years! That is a long time to not feel satisfied and fulfilled in your relationship.

By the time you enter into a marriage counselor's office- that is 6 years of work that needs to be addressed, worked through, de-constructed and rebuilt.

The average divorce cost between $4000-$8000 in Ohio, and can reach as high as 6 figures if it is a contentious divorce. This does not include the cost of dividing the assets in half, the emotional toll divorce takes on the family, and having to maintain 2 separate households.

The investment in your marriage is literally, priceless. As are the rewards of a fulfilled and happy relationship.

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